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Episode 7- Big God Energy Brandy Was Here the Podcast

This episode is a powerful conversation about purpose, mental health and divine timing. Both of my guests are dynamic and incredible spirits who I have learned a great deal from. In this conversation I wanted to get a deeper understanding of who my guests were on a spiritual level; what struggles they survived and how they go to be where they are today. Aliyah Bey is an Authentic, Bold, and Confident Black Woman on A Journey Towards Self-Discovery and Evolution. She is a wellness facilitator who is passionate about helping people reach the highest version of themselves. In addition to wellness, Liyah models and dances as well as hosts her own youtube show Liyah in Yellow. Darryl Robertson is a journalist former staff writer at VIBE Magazine. His work has appeared in XXL, Billboard, and Ebony magazines; Salon, Don Diva, and the Washington Post to name a few. He is a Mississippi native now living in Harlem; a devout Nas fan and student of hip hop culture. Currently Darryl is a graduate student at Columbia University, pursuing a Ph.D. in U.S. history.
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