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S2E11: Why You Need to Detox Your Life Brandy Was Here the Podcast

Have you ever thought to yourself: Am I the tocxic one? This was me several years ago when i continuously found myself in negative environment surrounded by toxic people. I wondered how I kept ending up in the exact places in my life, relationships and career that I did not want to be. I started to take personal inventory and realized there were some things I must let go if I were to ever be the person I always dreamed I would be. Grab a pen and paper and take notes.
  1. S2E11: Why You Need to Detox Your Life
  2. S2E10: How to Take Initiative
  3. S2E9: How to Say Yes to Yourself
  4. S2E8: How to Build a Successful Business and Marriage at the Same Damn Time
  5. S2E7 – Why Self Love Is So Hard