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S2E2: How to make a living as a creative Brandy Was Here the Podcast

Creators, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs listen up. Today my guests are breaking down what it means to follow your passion and make a profit from it while making an impact. Andre Manning (@dre_manning) started developing his artistry as a rapper but when it started feeling like a job decided to pursue other creative endeavours. Dre is currently working on starting a hat company called the 9 brand and is also the proud founder of a startup marketing company Black Crown Media where he hopes to tell stories that are true and authentic to the Black community. Mike Norice (@mikenorice)started drawing at age 2 and has spent the last 30+ years perfecting his craft. With a mother who encouraged his talent, years of training as a fine artist and a degree in Apparel & Manufacturing, Mike has set himself apart as an experienced and unique individual. With celebrity clients to boast, Mike bridges his classical training with street art in a way that compels you to watch. He is the owner of BYN Customs, a non profit Artfully United and creates custom art pieces on a daily basis while being a husband and father. Mike's work ethic alone makes his signature worth it. http://www.mikenorice.com My guests have come to their careers from different angles but both have an acute focus that allows them to continually develop while concurrently being successful in their fields. Grab your notebook, this is a good one.
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