Did you know..... .your mind does this really weird, crazy, unique awesome thing? Anytime you ask your mind a question, it searches for an answer. No, really. I saw this on Youtube so you know its true. It may not sound too exciting to you at the moment, but just hear me out. You're sitting …



Let me start off by saying, I'm preaching to myself here. I mean, I go through phases of organization and disorganization yet I find that I am my most productive, most successful and the most happy when my life is organized. Is your life organized? House clean? Dishes washed? Bills paid on time? If I …

Here’s What I’ve Learned in My First Year As A Full-Time Entrepreneur (must read)

January 21, 2016 was my last day as an employee. I did it. I quit. I walked away from a career I could have grown in; a career in which I had the opportunity to impact hundreds or thousands; a career I chose and had fallen in love with. There are many circumstances that led …

Stay Gold!

We were driving home on our usual afternoon commute from West Oakland to South Richmond. Normally we'd be full of conversation, but today Apple Music serenaded us with hits from Janet Jackson radio. Among the jams were Michael's "Beat It" and Mariah Carey's "Don't Forget About Us"

My 2016 Book List

These 8 books I consider to be essential to your growth and personal development as a human being on this planet. Read them all and read them again! Share them with friends. Blog about them. Thank the authors!