I’ve run out of goals 

I've run out of goals, but not out of happiness


Stay Gold!

We were driving home on our usual afternoon commute from West Oakland to South Richmond. Normally we'd be full of conversation, but today Apple Music serenaded us with hits from Janet Jackson radio. Among the jams were Michael's "Beat It" and Mariah Carey's "Don't Forget About Us"

Stay or Go

I love to travel. There's something about going somewhere new and navigating the scene that excites me! I enjoy getting lost and finding different places to eat. I love people watching and scoping out others' do things. And even if you've been to a place before, you can discover new things. I find it hard …


I hate waiting. For me, the Aries, waiting is cruel and unusual punishment! I am impulsive. I want everything not now, but right now. A delayed response or action is no action at all. So I thought. But I've learned, recently, that patience is a lot different than waiting.  Waiting is...waiting. Or, as Dictionary.com puts …