A Few Major Keys From DJ Khaled on Parenting

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While he may have welcomed some criticism for snapchatting the birth of his child…in the days since Asahd Tuck Khaled has entered the world, DJ Khaled has totally embraced fatherhood in surprising and entertaining ways.

The snapchat king, of course, floods his story and timeline with endless photos and videos of the infant but I believe, Khaled is teaching us, new and veteran parents something about parenthood.

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1.You Can Never Say “I Love You” Enough

Khaled is a man in love with the world. From shouting at the sky and holding roses in his and whispering “I love you” we know that Khaled is all about spreading positive vibes. This is no different when it comes to little Asahd. Khaled showers his son in I love you’s to which Asahd just smiles.

Being open to our children is important as it provides them with an example of how to be vulnerable and share their emotions. Saying I love you plays a very important role in their development. It makes them feel safe and strong. We need to do this more!

2. Surround Your Children With People Who Inspire & Influence

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Who we bring our children around is very important. Since DAY ONE Khaled has made it a point to surround Asahd with only the best! Here you see Alicia Keys holding little Asahd. And, wait, there are others with Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, August Alsin and more. Khaled wants his son to soak up that greatness and be inspired by those who are at the top of their game. Soooooo…what’s your circle looking like


3. Encourage Your Children With Positive Affirmations

Saying I love you is one thing. But Khaled lays on the compliments and affirmations thick. “You are blessed Asahd”, “You are a don, an icon, a legend”, “you’re amazing.” If you’re wondering how you can encourage and speak positively to your child. Check out this list of 66 Positive Things To Say To A Child

4. Take Them With You

DJ Khaled is a busy man and is one of the few amongst us that did not seem to take any L’s in 2016. He’s all over social media and your tv screen with various endorsements and contracts. And nowadays, so is Asahd. Khaled is giving his son a front row seat to his hard work and showing him how its done. I can imagine with Asahd grows up, he will grind just as hard as his father; not because he has to but because he’s been taught to.

Often times we keep our work a secret from our children and then wonder why they grow up lazy and entitled. Train up your children. Show them the ropes, even at a young age so they understand that they have to work for what they want in life. No freebies. No shortcuts, No excuses. That’s a major key!

5. Make Them Your Business Partner

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Khaled announced via social media that his son, Asahd, is the executive producer of his album. Wait….what?! Yes, Asahd Khaled will be listed as co-executive producer of Khaled’s next album. Silly some may say. But there’s a reason behind it. Listing Asahd as executive producer will not only put his name in the industry but gets him listed on royalty checks. yes, that means Asahd will have his own money! *John Amos voice from Coming to America* Other rappers like Khaled’s buddy Nas has done this to ensure their children will always have an income. Khaled has committed to not only making his son an heir to the throne, but is laying the foundation for him to create his own when the time should come.

In what ways can you do this in your family?

Now, I cannot say what kind of parent DJ Khaled will become or if Asahd will indeed be the golden child, I am saying that watching DJ Khaled love his son has inspired me to love mine even more. Hopefully this does the same for you.


Stay Gold!

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I caught a glimpse of my son today in usual form: aloof, mouth wide open, probably thinking about basketball. I immediately thought about how beautiful he was. You know, he looks like me, but lighter skinned. People have always said he’s my twin. But he’s different than me in so many ways.

We were driving home on our usual afternoon commute from West Oakland to South Richmond. Normally we’d be full of conversation, but today Apple Music serenaded us with hits from Janet Jackson radio. Among the jams were Michael’s “Beat It” and Mariah Carey’s “Don’t Forget About Us”

Traffic was heavy and I found myself yawning constantly. I looked at my son who seemed to be doing the same. If I asked him what he was thinking about he’s probably bring up a 3rd down during some college football game from two years ago and explain to me what he would’ve done differently. (He loves sports btw). I laughed in my head imagining what our conversations would be like in years to come. We talk about everything from sports to God to gummy bears and homework. Our minds often wander. That we DO share in common.

I wanted to, in that moment, preserve his innocence so he could stay this free forever. I know that there’s a point in a young boy’s life when that ends and I am aware, that for young Black boys that day comes even sooner.

He’s not like most 8 year old’s whose eyes tell a story of tough times and mannerisms that demonstrate their eagerness to fight an invisible war. He’s carefree. Naive. Empathetic. Friendly. Curious. He’s my baby.

I ache, already, for that day when some little heffa breaks his heart or shit gets real and someone close to him dies; the day he realizes we live in the ghetto and that top ramen isn’t as fancy as I make it out to be. I’m cringing for the day he understands that being Black is both a badge of honor, and a target.

He understands now, as a child would. But one day he’ll be a man.

I looked at my son again and loved him harder. Loved him more because this world won’t. Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All” was playing. And as I glanced back on the highway he says to me, “Mommy you’re my greatest love of all” and he meant it. Every word. I said “You’re my greatest love of all too!” and he felt it. I knew he felt every single word.

I know it is said that nothing gold can stay, but I’m hoping you are the exception.

Is he Dame Dash? Dame Diddy? Or Dame Dummy?

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Lots of people are talking about the interview Damon Dash did with the infamous Breakfast Club. Everyone has an opinion. but here are my takeaways from it. A few jewels from Dame Dash:

“Every real man wants to be the boss”

“You’re only the boss if you put up your own money.”

“No. Not in Harlem.”

“What’s best for your kids is to put your money into something that you can pass to your kids.”

“You enjoy the safety and security of a job everyday. To me, there’s no pride in that.”

“9-5’s aren’t good because you’re hustling for a weekend.”

“You sound smart to somebody dumb.”

“How do you feel as a man that you get paid to gossip for a living.”

“Why don’t we stick together.”

“In the streets violence is a means to an end. It’s a last resort.”

“It’s not easy to be honorable. Your honor gets tested everyday.”

“My block’s your block unless you’re messing with my paper.”

“There’s always some white man that’s in charge of Black culture.”

“I’m not mad at being a boss. I’m mad that you have the same job for 25 years.”

“Yes from the womb. I was Dame Dash since the day i was born.”

“How could you want the explanation and you’re talking? How can you listen and speak at the same time?”

“When you own something, you can do what you want with it.”

“How can a superhero be told what to do?”

Here is the interview in its entirety:  https://youtu.be/XHX4hWurt8M

People Watching is Good for Your Health

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I’ve been trying to buckle down and commit to writing daily. So today, when my plans got changed, I headed over to Barnes & Noble to do just that: write. I made my obligatory purchased and spread all my gadgets on the table. I’ve found it helpful when in public to wear earphones, even if no music is playing. People will assume you are busy and they won’t bother you. I intended to work uninterrupted.

But just as I began the ritual stare at the computer screen, I noticed a beautiful young woman entered the cafe area. Searching for a seat, her shoulder length dreadlocks bounced ever so slightly and the swishing of her bag seemed to be in sync with her footsteps. Her skin was caramel. Her lips full. She sat across from me diagonally at a smaller, circular table; her posture impeccable. As she adjusted her bag on an empty chair beside her, a man approached her whispering and leaning in. She smiled.He wrapped around the low hanging banister and sat in front of her. I imagine that their eyes locked as her gaze became pointed. I couldn’t see his face.

I tried to mind my own business but my lurking was more interesting. In between keystrokes I tuned my ear to their conversation. A first date it seemed. She described her beliefs and inquired about his. Disclaimer: “I don’t have a problem with a strong man, but I do have a problem with a man that needs to constantly prove his strength”, she said evenly. And without flinching she continued, “I hope you don’t have a problem with a strong woman.” He didn’t flinch either.

The exchange moved smoothly and lasted only awhile longer. She smiled; he laughed; they listened intently to each other and then they went their separate ways.

I’m not sure what is to come of them. Or if they’ll ever see each other again. But I do know that today, I witnessed one of the most beautifully authentic conversations I ever have in my life.