Stay Gold!

We were driving home on our usual afternoon commute from West Oakland to South Richmond. Normally we'd be full of conversation, but today Apple Music serenaded us with hits from Janet Jackson radio. Among the jams were Michael's "Beat It" and Mariah Carey's "Don't Forget About Us"


Love in Context

Excuse me as I sort some shit out in my mind... If love is a gift, I am not done unwrapping it. Everyday I am learning something new about love: how to give it, accept it, share¬†it, cherish it, create it. But what I know about love is not always what I choose to show …


The scent lingers, Not of love but of you The sweet smell of your herbal remedy collides with the air connecting deeper than we do, I smell smoke but I breathe you. Did you notice? Hmmm. You didn't say. You didn't stay. Am I the picturesque image of indignity Or just a girl who thought …